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“Hail Specialist made my car look brand new again, I cant thank these guys enough. Great service and great prices so glad I went to Hail Specialist!"

Mason Zack

“Wow! What a difference a day makes. Yesterday my car looked terrible and was full of dents. Today I picked up my car and it looks new again!"

Josh Pope

“I didnt know where to go or anything about PDR when I found Hail Specialist they explained everything to me I felt so comfortable leaving my car with them and was so happy when I saw how great it looked. Go to these guys, Trust me you wont regeret it."


Molly Mitchell

“I was very skeptical about PDR. After talking with the Hail Specialist staff and watching them work on other customer's cars I decided to give it a try. When I saw my car was so impressed with the results it looked like there had never been any dents."

Joey Pedersen

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